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  • Bouquet of Sweet Surprises
  • Bouquet of Sweet Surprises

Bouquet of Sweet Surprises

Please allow a minimum of 1 week for processing time... add 3 days for shipping.

Imagine a vibrant arrangement of handcrafted sugar cookies, each one a delightful flavor explosion. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because—you’ll be the sweetest gift-giver in town!


“Treats on Stems”: Forget traditional flowers—our cookie bouquet is the ultimate way to say, “You’re special!” Whether it’s a celebration or a simple gesture, these delicious cookies are sure to impress. Plus, they won’t wilt or need watering—just nibbling!


Remember, these cookie bouquets aren’t just treats; they’re edible memories waiting to be shared… after all, life is short, eat the cookies first! 😄


Each bouquet comes with 5 delicious pieces of edible art, arranged beautifully for your gift giving needs.


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