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Ladylily's Place in the News!


For over three years, we have served businesses and private clients by creating custom-cookie gifts. We take immense pride in our business and the quality of our product. We think baked goods should be delicious, while also being artistic and interesting. Ladylily’s Place, located in Saratoga Springs, NY, opened its doors for business in the summer of 2022. We believe there is nothing better than enjoying a freshly baked cookie with your best friend, celebrating an accomplishment, or sharing a laugh. We started this new adventure with the goal of crafting magical moments and personalized cookies for you to share with the people you love. Each cookie you taste is a memory... we want them to be great ones!


As our products are all hand-made, no two cookies are exactly alike and that is what makes them so special.


You’ll say: “They look too good to eat.”

We say: You’re WORTH it!

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